Sinner's Roast

We believe the world is what the media perceieves,
But in all reality the media decieves.
Those who expose this are shunned out of the public's eye,
Christianity did this and told everyone that these "sinners" should die.

They batter, torcher, and burn,
Just for respect of a non existant God in which they can earn.
If society likes to sin and removes the power of the Church,
Many truths these people unearth.

Point a finger at those in which you hate and condemn it as unmoral and you will have the world in your fingertips.
Make your fellow man follow madeup myths and stories of a ignorant religion.
This will give you much power and you can read them scripts.
Which tell them that to doubt this would cause you internity in Hell as a demon.

Make diciples of your made up dogmas,
And you will live forever in the minds of the masses.
Once they realize the truth,
It will be long before anyone could prosecute you for mind abuse.

The story of Jesus is such a tale,
In which no one realizes the lies which one can fortell.
Don't let another mind become corrupted by the lies and absorbility of ignorance,
They want your mind to be at ease and give them more followers to become more famous.

Be different and actually think for once,
A free thinker is more powerful than one who could not think without an addition of their ignorance.
Our lives are forever fortold by the ones in power,
To make a difference you will need to influence those in power.

Kings were influenced by the Pope in the years past,
Look at how long the king was trapped in the shackles of christ.

©Copyright 2001, 2002, Cybermr and A Failure to End Boredom.