Scapegoats Are One's Key to Power

The world is always in need of a scapegoat. Look at the school shootings for instance, they pointed fingers at everyone but the ones who really are responsible. They blamed Marilyn Manson, violent games, Satanism, you name it, the media blamed the events on it. These might have caused these violent events, but it is only a small percentage. All of these individuals were under the influence of drugs like Ritalin or Prozac. They were also picked on at school and were "outcasts." Many people in school are outcasts, but that is because they choose to be and think everyone else is a dumbass. I know this because I myself have been in that position in the school hierarchy.

The joy I have of knowing how much jocks and other preppy type groups will be taking the crappy jobs like construction workers, janitors, etc. A few will succeed in life as professional sports players, but almost all of them hurt themselves really bad or go to jail for drug possession. I would hate to let the popular types win their little game by having us being thrown in jail or committing suicide. It just brings a bad cloud over the intellectual community who actually sees people for how screwed up they are and how screwed up the world is.

Throughout time the major media and power holders have always used the minorities as scapegoats. The thing that is kind of interesting, the ones being used as scapegoats are usually the people that think logically and use their brains. The heretics in the times when the Catholic Church had extreme power were showing the world the corruption in which the church had. So in retaliation, the Church said they worshipped the devil and blamed all the bad things that were going on at that time on the heretics.

Occult, or the unknown, is usually blamed for all things bad. When you think about it, medicine and astronomy that were once occult sciences, which now is greatly appreciated in modern science. For example, the banning of the popular children series of books, Harry Potter, at public places like schools. Are these books really that bad for our children? They contain mystical things like magic, dragons, and other occult topics. These books, which contain very little bad language or even the violence and sexual actions that are usually not allowed in our moral code, are banned from schools. The other day I discovered a copy of A Clockwork Orange, a book with very sexually explicit actions, vulgar language, and much violence, was still on the shelf. Why I ask is this book not banned? Because it doesn't fit the typical scapegoat formula and it isn't popular and talking about stuff the church/media doesn't approve of.

The media and press control our lives that allow these groups to be able to change the public's opinion in a short period of time, thus making us very gullible. Our right to the Freedom of Press, got to love that, it allows for the greatest mind controllers to have power over the masses with simpleton minds. Almost reminds me of how revivalists can make people kill themselves or do other extremely non-ordinary things. The media is a lot like the church in its ways of being able to manipulate and change things to what and how they see fit.

When people believe these scapegoats actually cause the things in which those who pointed the fingers at have stated, the world becomes even more a hypocritical than before. Look at the way things in life are viewed and then try to discover the actual truth behind the curtain. It may scare you to find what you have learned is different from what is the truth. A lot of people become incredibly shocked and usually say it is untrue and go back to their previous thoughts. Those that choose to stay upon the path of truth sometimes go insane because of it, some of the greatest minds were insane (or at least on drugs to help them cope with the real world in which we lived in).

It is sad that people actually approve of scapegoats, because if they didn't, they would be called a scapegoat themselves. So without anyone defending or taking the blame officially, we are doomed forever transfer blame to those who do not deserve the repercussions of being a scapegoat marked by the mass media.

©Copyright 2001, 2002, Cybermr and A Failure to End Boredom.