Innovators Make the World Go Round

If you really look at who made changes in the world and innovated our society, you notice that many are either atheists or Unitarians of sorts. This shows you something, the people that changed and innovated the world for the better (sometimes for the worse) did not believe in the some manmade religion, but one that harbors intellectual thoughts and ideas. Here are just a few of the many Unitarians: Thomas Jefferson, Paul Revere, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Graham Bell, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, and Samuel F.B. Morse.

Our world would be so behind the times, or in some very odd direction without these "free thinkers." Some have been the Founding Fathers and Presidents of America; others have discovered great things in the way of science, and many other changes to our ways of life. We would have no forms of long distance communication if it wasn't for Samuel F. B. Morse or Alexander Graham Bell. This would have stifled everything in technology, which knows of what life would be like now. We would not have international communication or even within nations. The world would be unknowing to the events happening around them.

It paints a scary picture of how life would be like without communication between people. Coordination throughout the country would be relatively impossible. We might not of even grown in industry, or even have weapons of mass destruction (oh darn L). There would not be the Internet out there, so people might actually exercise and not create an extremely large amount of obese people in the world. This could be a good thing for some, but those who were never good at anything else would be hobos in the future. That is one thing I don't think I could handle because I would either be some crazy dude telling of the world's secrets (philosopher of sorts) or the person who invents the sand analyzer job. This would be a person who counts the grains of sand for a census that I think is important to the nation's best interests.

I conclude that the world would suck big time without free thinkers because everyone would think the same and do the same dumb mistakes. No one would realize they made a mistake until it was probably too late when the world becomes destroyed. Either that or some mysterious freethinker appears and starts a cult like Heaven's Gate and they die anyway.

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