Riktarian Bible

Phrases of Knowledge

Chapter 1

  1. Nothing should be deemed holy by anyone.
  2. Being bound by a book shows how easily this bind can be broken.
  3. Never be a blind sheep lead by anyone who offers you a great reward, for those are the greatest tricksters.
  4. Ignore the culture and presuppositions of society, for they change at the shift of sands.
  5. Follow your inner desires, but do not let them overwhelm you.
  6. Take responsibility for your actions, but don't let others use guilt trips to control you.
  7. Explore different cultures other than your own, this will teach you many things of how humanity in masses work.
  8. Ask questions and doubt all that is presented forth to you.
  9. Keep a close eye on those close to you, for they can be your deadliest of enemies and best of friends.
  10. Do not allow yourself to be controlled by mere chemicals and overexaggerated promises.
  11. Enjoy music, for it can be one of the most powerful things in your life.
  12. Be silent, but strong. For those that don't know you, they will be overthrown in the blink of an eye.
  13. Be open minded, but keep yourself at a point of self control.
  14. Learn the history of man, for it allows you to see into the future.
  15. Respect your elders, because they know more than you give them credit.

Articles of Thoughts

"How to be a Popular Religion and Have Ultimate Hero Worshipping"

  1. Convince around a dozen or "disciples" that you are a son/daughter of a much higher being.
  2. Provide them with substances that will cause them to "see things," this will ensure them that they will indeed see "miracles."
  3. Have them write books in this state of mind.
  4. For extra effect, pretend to die on something like a cross and after they throw you in a coffin, rise out of it as if you were a zombie.
  5. Be two faced, preach love and kindness, while killing and hurting those you cannot seem to convert.
  6. This helps spread the word of your name.
  7. Invent something that will happen to non-followers that is horrible, this will ensure any doubts will be forgotten.
  8. Make something up that is wrong with everyone and the only way to make themselves better is to join your cause. This strengthens your grip on their lifestyle and mind.

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