For 2,000 years an insidious _Death_Cult_ has been extending its

grip over the world. Its aim is world domination. Its methods are

subversion, torture and murder. It breaks up families, instills fear and

guilt in its followers, and brainwashes and abuses children.

Its first 'patriach' was a pimp who whored his wife off as his

sister to rob a king's wealth. (1).

This 'patriarch's' nephew, also revered by the Cult, offered his

two daughter to a mob in order to save two Cult 'messangers' from gang

rape. (2).

One of the Cult's major 'prophets' stands charged with murdering 42

children, an act the Cult boasts of. (3).

The family is a principal target of this _Death_Cult_ because of

the challenge it poses to the Cult's plans for world domination. The Cult's

doesn't hate his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and

sisters, and his own life , he cannot be my follower." (4).

The _Death_Cult_ is anti-woman, regarding women as inferiors. One

of the Cult's leading philosophers and organizers has said: "I suffer not a

woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over man." (5).

The _Death_Cult_ aims to gain power through world revolution and

_exterminate_ those who don't submit to it. The founder of the Cult has

stated to his followers: "Those of my enemies, who will not have me reign

over them, bring here and slay them before me." (6).


(1) Abraham (Gen. 12:20). (2) Lot (Gen. 19:8). (3) Elisha

(II_Kings 2:23-24). (4) Jesus (Luke 14:26). (5) Paul (I_tim. 2:11-12).

(6) Jesus (Luke 19:27).



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