"Paedophilia is the most serious problem we in the Church have had
to face for centuries." Rev. Thomas Doyle 1987.

Christianity encourages perversions such as child molestation because it
represses normal physical drives as 'sins'.

"It is good for a man not to touch a woman", states Paul (I Cor. 7:1)

Jesus is even worse: "But I say unto you, that whosoever looketh on a
woman lustfully has committed adultery with her already in his heart."
(Matt. 5:28)

It's no wonder that such repressive commandments which christians must
obey lest they burn in hell, result in various psychological abnormalities,
such as preference for little boys.

The following are some examples of christian child abuse, extracted
from the book Christian Child Abuse: The Reality.

(1) 1979, Newfoundland, Canada. Fr. Kelly convicted of 10 sexual
offences against 5 boys aged 13 to 17. After receiving a suspended
sentence, Kelly appointed vice-chancellor of Temporal Affairs for Toronto

(2) 1984, Louisiana USA. Fr. Gauthe sentenced to 20 yrs. for
molestation of more than 100 boys, 1971-83, aged 7 to 9. His paedophilia
had been known since first yr. as priest, yet his superiors transferred
him whenever scandal threatened to become public.

(3) 1986, Washington. Fr. Fontenot convicted of raping boy. He had
shared 4 boys with Gauthe in mid-1970's.

(4) 1988, Newfoundland's best-known priest, Fr. Hickey, convicted of
32 sex crimes involving boys. Local vicar general had known about Hickey
since 1975, but had done nothing.

(5) 1988, Newfoundland. Fr. Corrigan jailed for 7 offences against
boys aged 10 to 13.

(6) 1988, Lancashire, England. Congregational Church Minister Garvock
convicted of raping 4 yr. old girl.

(7) 1988, Winchester, England. 2 Anglican vicars, a choirmaster, a
solicitor, and an already convicted molester jailed on 21 charges of
sexually abusing boys at church outings, YMCA and churchyard.

(8) 1989, Newfoundland. Fr. Bennet pleads guilty to 36 charges of
paedophilia. His Archbishop had known about him since 1979.

(9) 1990, Taupo, New Zealand. Fr. Brown jailed for indecent assault
on 2 altar boys, 1980 to 1986. The Hamilton Diocese Archbishop states that
Brown could be assigned other duties when released, and describes him as "a
very compassionate man".

(10) 1990, Minneapolis USA. Rev. Adamson admits paedophilia since
1961, in a lawsuit brought by a young man who had been abused by the priest
1979-87. Adamson was joined in the abuse in 1984 by a nun. The
Archdiocese had known of Adamson's paedophilia.

(11) 1990, Solihull, England. Pentecostal Minister D. Stenhouse jailed
on 5 charges of indecent assault on boys aged 12 to 15.

(12) 1991, Newfoundland. 9 Christian Brothers charged with sexual and
physical abuse of boys in their care at Mt. Cashel orphanage.

(13) 1991, Minneapolis USA. Rev Thurner admits sexual abuse of a boy.
The Archdiocese had known of his paedophilia since 1982.

(14) 1991, Ontario, Canada. Rev. Pappi convicted of 2 charges of
'sexual interference' of two 13 year old boys.

(15) 1991, England. Baptist Minister Ashby Breneman jailed for
molesting 6 boys at his Christian Youth camp.

(16) 1991, Arlington USA. Fr. Chleboski charged with 6 counts of
molesting a 13 yr. old boy, student of Our Lady of Victory School.

(17) 1991, Hamilton, New Zealand. Lay Minister Whalley jailed for
indecent assault on a 10 yr. old boy. Had 5 previous convictions. His
Church had sought to keep him out of court.

(18) 1988-1991, New Orleans USA. Fr. Cinel is discovered to posses
huge collection of child pornography, including 160 hrs. of homemade
videotapes depicting himself - and his dog - in homosexual acts with boys.
After a public outcry, the Catholic DA reluctantly charges Cinel with 60
separate counts of possessing child porn, in 1991.

(19) 1991. Civil suit brought against Ferrario, Bishop of Honolulu for
sexual abuse, 1972-1982, by David Figueroa, who states he had been abused
by priests since 1964, when he was 5.

* * *

"Because of the position of trust and authority a priest holds in a
child's life, when sexual abuse takes place the greatest damage done to the
child is the betrayal of trust. The damage is much more severe than sexual
abuse by a stranger or baby-sitter."

Dr Mulry Tetlow, clinical psychiatrist & ex-Jesuit priest





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