Dumbasses Hall of Fame

Rookie 2
Logs of a person who keeps trying to hang out with me and my friends, but never gets the hint that we don't like him. I try to mess with his mind every chance I get.
~*CrAzY bAbY dEe*~
This is someone from my city. I tried to get the point of view of a prep, trying to see if the stereotype I thought they were was wrong. This log proves my point and even is kind of enlightening.
Blue Sky
This is a person that one of my friends picked out for me to mess with the mind of. I usually don't mess with people who do not know the English language very well. But I was bored nonetheless so I agreed to it. This is some dude from China.
A friend on ICQ's Friend
This is a friend of someone I talked to about how Slipknot sucks. This person has the average IQ of a Slipknot fan and thinks he has good reasons why Slipknot is metal, although he never told me any of those, he just said they were metal, check it out for yourself.
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