Black Metal

Black metal is an amazing genre. There are many elements in this genre, varying from band to band, it may contain necromantical screams, opera, classical music, guitars, and much more. The definition of black metal generally means there has to be some lyrics pertaining to anti-Christianity, Viking/Paganism, or gothic influences. Most of the bands in this genre are from Norway and other terriorities that were once occupied by the Vikings. Most hold grudges against Christians from wiping out the Viking traditions. Sad thing is, Christians are trying to move into this genre, but the pure defintion of this genre is to remove Christianity from the world. So how could they even try to do this? Guess its a sad attempt to catch the few ignorant people who might listen to stuff in this genre. Enough with the religious sickness known as Christianity and now onto the bands:

Abigor Cradle of Filth Dimmu Borgir
Emperor Marduk Old Man's Child
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