Friday, August 22, 2003

I'm not dead, honest. Many things have changed and much of my views have matured a bit. I am not a Computer Science major anymore, I have pretty much given up on any religious searching. There are just so many things on this site that do not reflect much, if any of my views anymore. I have begun another site a while back with much milder views and now in the past few months I have started to combine both this one and that one. I might post the link eventually if I finally finish the site.
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Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Greetings and Salutations to All. I am indeed alive and have had a rough semester due to just one course and from the looks of it I will indeed be taking this course again. Many people I talked to in the class itself have taken it over several times, so its not just some fluke, its just this teacher isn't good at conveying the topics and the accomping book is horrible as well. I just ordered a large number of books pertaining to philosophy and satanism, which should arrive in a week or two, I intend on returning to my studies of philosophy this winter break. I have written but a few essays this past semester, it would seem I had no free time with all of it being spent on the course that I have to take again. I might get a chance to type some of those essays up, the only philosophies I have really read in the past semester has been that of relating towards the Eastern religions, most notably being Buddhism. No I am not a Buddhist now, it just kind of intriged me for a bit and has some good techniques for controling the mind and practicing meditation. That is all for now.
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Friday, June 07, 2002

Updated my e-mail address on this site, my forwarder's site is going bye bye in 2 weeks. So it is instead. I should be having a domain name forwarding to this site which was free(wish I knew bout before I bought my new domain :-( ) at
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Tuesday, May 07, 2002

Finals are over finally. Typed up a list of the several hundred bands I listen to and put them in the Who Am I? section.
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Monday, April 29, 2002

My Riktarianism information is uploaded. Including the Proclamation of Riktarian Philosophy and the Riktarian Bible.
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All the poems are uploaded, a total of 9 new ones for you to gase at. Beware though, some of them are related to death, suicide, reality, insanity, and many other things.
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I have awakened. I have been doing lots of poetry lately, more of the morbid kind that even scare me at times that it would come out of my mind. Today I began to write down some things related to my belief structure and I decided to make my own philosophy/religion. It is a spring off of satanism and chaos magick. If all goes well, I will be typing up and uploading many of these poems. There are quite a few. Also I would like to put up the first chapter of my bible(and maybe the barely worked on 2nd) and the proclamation of the philosophy up here. Several weeks ago I bestowed upon myself a new title to deal with my more intellicual and satanic persona, Lord Riktar. So the name of the religion will be Riktarianism and the followers will be Riktarians, if there were to be any followers. This week is exam week and so is next week, so I will be studying my ass off to the fullest. Will this be a common thing to update the site? Depends on if I continue to write my frightening poetry and more doctrines of my beliefs.
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